During my 76 years on earth I’ve had a number of disagreements with people.  It probably started with my older sister when I was around 3 years old over the use of a toy or some other vital property dispute.  Over the years I learned the protocol for handling disagreements at work, at play, in bars and at home.  Raising two daughters 16 months apart through adolescence and the teen years was an incredible education for me in dispute and anger management!  They were angels when they slept but, awake and in the same room – Watch Out!  In addition to trying to modify their behavior to incorporate some level of civility I also had to modify mine.

     Today, I look at our political scene and it brings me back to the childhood days of handling temper tantrums (including my own)!  I look at videos of protesters wearing hats designed to look like parts of the female anatomy, others screaming catcalls from the Senate gallery during the Kavanagh vote while the media sympathetically portrays them as ‘social justice heroes’!  Hollywood talks about deliberately”destroying Kavanagh’s life”, Google execs and Democrat fund raisers tell Republican voters and Christians to “Go F…k Themselves” while a Democrat teacher calls for “Someone to Kill Kavanagh”!

     What did Brett Kavanagh do to earn such hate from The Democrats?  He was Nominated for the Supreme Court!  That’s it – Nothing more.  As Chuck Schumer, the Democrats’ Senate Minority leader, promised, they would do everything in their power to block Any nomination regardless of who was nominated if the Democrats felt there was Any possibility the candidate might vote to overturn the Roe VS Wade decision. The Democrats pulled out all stops after Justice Kavanagh was nominated because 15 years ago, he had answered a question by writing an email saying “Roe vs. Wade wasn’t settled Law”!  He based his answer upon the Fact that any decision at any time can be overturned by a higher court.  He was simply responding with a Factual Answer to a question he’d been asked. He was Not giving his opinion on the Merits of the decision!  However, because he gave an honest answer based upon the law, the Democrats mindlessly tried to destroy him as a person and subjected him, his family and children along with any supporters to physical threats to their lives along with a torrent of profane abuse.  They went on to sponsor a woman who claimed that 37 years ago when Justice Kavanagh was a teenager he had tried to abuse her at a neighborhood party – A claim totally denied under oath by Justice Kavanagh.  Had she reported it to the authorities?  No!  Did she have proof?  No! Did she remember where it occurred, how she got there or how she returned or what floor it was on?  No!  Did her parents and siblings support her claim?  No!  Everything she claimed was unsubstantiated and contradicted by those she named as ‘Her Best Girlfriend’ and ‘Witnesses’!  Yet, as with their coverage of Trump, over 90% of the media stories were Negative toward Kavanagh even though the accusations were completely unsupported!  In essence, the Democrats, their supporters and the media threw out the Rule of Law and Presumed Innocence to destroy his candidacy in order to Protect Their Right to Murder Babies!  Imagine if it were You or a member of Your family!  This was a modern day page out of the Salem Witch Trials and the KKK Lynchings brought to you by our ‘friends’ on the Left – the Democrats!

     What have we learned from this abomination of justice and civility?  A number of people say the Democrats turned the nomination into a circus.  I disagree.  To me, a circus is a fun time geared toward families.  This mockery was anything but fun for the Kavanagh family or our country.  Instead, it was another attempt to further divide our citizens and to legislate through street demonstrations, threats and violence!  What a Lesson!

     The lesson I’ve learned is a sad one.  Our country has depended upon the 2 party system for over 160 years – almost as long as the U.S. has existed.  Although there have been frequent disagreements between them up to and since the Civil War, we’ve usually enjoyed the fruits of a cooperative working relationship between them under their combined governorship.  Party power transitions have been relatively peaceful as the reins have changed hands in the three branches of our government.  Today it seems that the Democrats are more focused on power than peace.  I see increasing levels of uncivil behavior fomented by the Left and a growing reliance on rhetoric versus facts.  Protocol has been trashed in favor of shrill and violent protests anytime they disagree with anything - somewhat like a group of 3 year olds arguing over a toy!  For the normal stable citizen who holds a job, has a family and pays taxes, our society seems to be degenerating into a frightening specter of anything goes promoted by mob violence.  Hillary Clinton said, “We’ll be Civil AFTER we retake Power!”  That’s called Extortion Hillary!

     Apparently, we haven’t left the schoolyard bullies from our childhood in the past.  They’re still around and the majority of them are members and leaders of the Democrat party!  Our mid-term vote on November 6th can send the Democrats a strong message to Change Direction if we Remember in November!

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.