It was a full schedule of events for the Hot Springs Village Stars and Stripes Festival celebrating days leading to the Fourth of July fireworks. The activities were not spoiled except for one little hiccup with lightning and thunder for the run on Balboa Trail.
Saturday, June 30, sported a children’s fishing derby at Cortez lake/pavilion sponsored by the HSV Anglers’ Club. Not to be outdone, with respect to fish, the Catfish and Country party at Balboa Pavilion garnered a crowd of hungry residents enjoying the food and country music.
Never missing a beat, the HSV Big Band began their concert at Balboa Pavilion with the national anthem and many other patriotic selections. Joining regular songsters, Maureen Morgan and Ken Bridges was Treble in the Village, Kathy Allison, Sharon Gardner, Patty Van Cleave and Kay Crews. The venue was packed, but everyone enjoyed the cool summer breezes filtering in from Lake Balboa. An appropriate end to the first day of July.
Monday, July 2,started early as the Anglers’ Club began their team competition at 6:30 a.m. Catch and release or put some in the pan, fishermen love the challenge.
America's Builders parked several pieces of heavy construction equipment in the lot at Ponce de Leon
Center and children were invited to climb into the drivers seats and honk the horns. And did they ever
honk the horns!
Justin Time was certainly on time early evening at Grove Park. Children and adults as well enjoyed his
juggling, joking, magic and balloon art. It was just the beginning for an evening of fun at the park. More
and more families strolled in to have burgers and beverages before the free evening movie, "Top Gun."
Boomers Rock cooked up some great free popcorn for everyone's enjoyment.
Tuesday, July 3, also began with a cool morning at Lake Balboa where Michael Bynaker gave lessons on
kayaking and paddle boarding. Grace Smiley celebrated her 15th birthday jumping onto her paddle
board with family cheering her on.
You could hear the cheering outside Coronado Center as team basketball tournament pitted 3-on-3. It
was enthusiastic and strenuous holiday celebrating.
Topping of the Stars and Stripes Festival 2018, what could have been better than fireworks at Balboa
It really does take a village - Hot Springs Village. Many thanks to everyone on the POA staff for their
diligence and execution of the festivities and all the residents who not only attended events, but helped

clear the roadsides of debris weeks ago, in order for the community to be picture perfect for incoming
family and visitors for the holiday.
Major sponsors included State Farm Ike Eisenhower, Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church, The
Beehive and Monita Collins of Century 21. Assisting sponsors included Boomer's Rock, HSV Quilt Guild,
HSV Anglers Club, First Assembly of God, HSV Fire Department, HSV Police Department and HSV Public
Works and Utilities.