Sales taxes for the second quarter of the year, which ended in June, were the highest for a second quarter in the last six years, according to figures released late last week by County Treasurer Mickey Oates.

Second quarter sales tax receipts were $321,018.66. Sales taxes for the second quarter of 2017 were $296,407.96. So far this year, the county’s one-cent general sales tax has brought in $628,275.47 to the county. The one-cent general sales tax is split between the county and incorporated communities.

The sales tax brought in $103,608.16 in April, $114.801.98 in May and $102.608.52 in June. In each month, receipts were higher than for the same month last year.

Last year, the county’s portion of the sale tax brought in $1.2 million. Oates is projecting tax receipts of $1.1 million this year.

The county also assesses a one percent sales tax dedicated to building, maintaining and operating a new county jail now under construction in Paris. According to Oates, the half-cent dedicated to maintaining and operating the new jail brought in $285,090.58 in the second quarter of this year, compared to $263,236.71 in the same period of last year.

The half-cent brought in $92,012.44 in April, $101,953.46 in May and $91,124.68 in June. Those receipts were higher in each month than receipts in the same months of 2017.

Sales tax receipts are considered an important indicator of economic conditions.