The Fort Smith Board of Directors will vote Tuesday on issues related to the Fort Smith Police Department and use of public easements in the city.

Ordinances to be voted upon Tuesday would rearrange the personnel in the Police Department's current rank structure and authorize city personnel to issue temporary revocable licenses within rights of way and public easements if passed. The board will also vote on amending the 2018 operating budget, according to the meeting agenda.

The ordinance to authorize the issuance of temporary revocable licenses would allow the temporary placement and maintenance of items such as fences, signs or landscaping in easements or rights of way, according to a memorandum from director of development services Wally Bailey to city administrator Carl Geffken. If passed, the ordinance would allow Geffken to take applications for such revocable licenses and deny or issue them to applicants based on the impact on vehicle and pedestrian traffic, size and dimension of improvement and impact on the city's ability to access and maintain public utility easements and rights of way, the ordinance states.

"For the developer or owner, streamlining the approval process saves time and money for (his or her) project," Bailey said in the memo. "A permit or an approval can be issued quicker, which helps a project or a portion of a project start sooner."

The ordinance related to the Police Department would eliminate one of the three major positions in the Police Department and change the remaining two to the title of Deputy Chief if passed. The Police Department currently has two vacant major positions, according to the ordinance.

"The aforementioned will aid in promoting efficiency within the command structure and save the city revenue," a memo from Police Chief Nathaniel Clark to Geffken.

Included in the ordinance is the addition of a lieutenant position in the Police Department. The Police Department currently has seven lieutenant positions, according to the ordinance.

With the elimination of one major and addition of one lieutenant, the 2018 Police Department budget would be reduced by $15,000, according to the ordinance.

The city's proposed revenue and expenditure adjustments stems from sales taxes lagging behind expectations in the first four months of 2018. Business license fees are currently running about $125,000 below budget, and city officials do not expect to recoup more than $25,000, according to a memo from city finance director Jennifer Walker to Geffken.

The proposed adjustments would allow for a 2 percent-3 percent reduction of revenue for the rest of the year, the memo states.

The board will hold its meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Fort Smith Public Schools Service Center.