From Conway Police Department reports

No arrests in early morning incident

No arrests were made following a Sunday incident where a 25-year-old called police stating another man pulled a knife on him.

According to an incident report, the alleged victim contacted police just after midnight on May 27 stating he was giving his friend a ride when the 24-year-old suspect reportedly pulled a knife on him.

Police located the alleged suspect walking along the 100 block of Club Lane. As the responding officer turned around so he could talk with the 24-year-old suspect, the man "crossed from the north side of College [Avenue] to the south side and began walking south on Hubbard [Road]."

"I pulled on to Hubbard [Road] and called out to him," the responding officer wrote in his report. "[The suspect] immediately became nervous and started looking around. I knew this behavior to be common for people who are looking for an avenue of escape. I approached him and asked him what happened tonight. He quickly placed his hand in his pocket and started stammering and stepping back."

The officer asked the man, identified as Landon Lawson, if he could search him "[d]ue to the nature of the call" and because Lawson had knives on him in the officer's previous encounters with him.

According to the incident report, the officer did not find any weapons or other contraband on Lawson during the search but was handcuffed and detained "[d]ue to his nervous behavior."

According to the incident report, authorities located a black pocketknife at the corner of College Avenue and Hubbard Road after detaining Lawson and searching the nearby area.

"It was located in the path that Lawson had walked when I had seen him crossing College," the officer noted in his report.

After finding the weapon on the side of the road, officers went to Pizza Hut on Club Lane where the complainant was located to get more information from the alleged victim on the situation.

The 25-year-old man told police Lawson called him stating he was having problems with his girlfriend so he went to pick Lawson up and the two headed to Pizza Hut. As they were headed to the restaurant, the complainant said he learned Lawson had accused him of stealing narcotics and an argument ensued. According to his statement, Lawson began punching him inside the vehicle and that after the two got out of the vehicle, Lawson "lunged at him with the knife a few times" before running off down the street.

Lawson said the complainant began attacking him first and denied attacking the complainant with the knife.

"Due to the conflicting stories, and no camera evidence, Lawson was released from custody," according to the incident report.

When authorities told the complainant that Lawson had been released "he stated he was going to find Lawson somewhere and beat his ass."

The responding officer said he advised the complainant not to follow through with that plan before leaving the scene early Sunday morning.

Stolen vehicle located

Conway police located a vehicle that was reported stolen out of North Little Rock early Sunday morning.

According to an incident report, a Conway officer was patrolling near the Faulkner Plaza around 3 a.m. May 27 when he noticed a grey Dodge Stratus parked near the pack of the parking lot.

The officer, who noted in his report that he saw also saw the vehicle out in the parking lot the night before, had dispatchers run the tags. After running the vehicle's tags, authorities learned the vehicle was reported stolen out of the North Little Rock Police Department.

"I made contact with a [sergeant] with NLRPD who stated that the vehicle was stolen during an aggravated robbery on April 24," the officer wrote in his report.

The vehicle was towed from the parking lot for NLRPD, according to the incident.