Board directors found training presented during its recent retreat very helpful. And Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association board of directors chairman Tom Weiss said at the May board meeting last Wednesday that he’s willing to provide the speakers for a session aimed at property owners if there is sufficient interest, “If you think it would be good, come see me,” he said.
New and returning directors alike commended the training, as well as members of the public who attended, Weiss said.
“It was also a great two days for those who bothered to attend,” Weiss said. “Many said they came for an hour or two, and they ended up staying for the majority of the two days.”
Presenters at the two-day retreat were Dr. Ruth Czirr, a consultant and clinical/community psychologist; and attorney Michelle Algood, both of central Arkansas.
During public comments last week, John Weidert, the board’s immediate-past chairman, urged the board to provide the training at a session aimed at the public. He hoped it could be held in Woodlands Auditorium to accommodate a large audience.
The day’s board meeting, with skills gained at the board retreat, enabled a good conversation between directors and the public alike, Weidert said.
People with a wide variety of ideas were able to participate. “It was a super board meeting,” he said.
Among numerous topics, the retreat presenters in April admonished directors that they have a legal duty to perform their volunteer service to the best of their ability, making good decisions for the benefit of HSV as a whole.
Directors must be informed, reasonable and prudent. While there are millions of American non-profit organizations, HSV falls within the top one percent in financial value.
And directors have the duty to act, using good business judgment. Inaction can be the wrong solution to a problem, presenters said.
Directors have the duty to steer the POA to a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical and legal governance and financial management policies. Ensuring the POA has adequate resources to meet its mission is one key responsibility.