Readers may remember Lewis Delavan’s fine article on the Property Owners’ Association board director’s retreat last month.
Following up on information given at that retreat, the Hot Springs Village Voice met with CEO Lesley Nalley last week to get more information on the board’s focus for the month of June.
Nalley said there are three items of importance: approving the 2019 enterprise goals, approving a tennis court project and a rollout of phase one of the comprehensive master plan (CMP).
There are three 2019 enterprise goals: ongoing development and investment focus areas, strengthening financial health of the Village and building community trust and support. “That kicks off the actual budget process,” said Nalley of the goals.
The goals are the same as presented, but added now will be strategies to accomplish those goals, to look at ways to balance all three goals. From this information, the process then decides where dollars will be budgeted for what resources are needed.
Nalley said she encourages people to attend standing committee meetings each month. It is at those meetings that budget ideas will first surface. Meetings and time information are in the Village Digest and on the website.
Tennis courts are another item on the board’s plate. Nalley said the POA has been patching the courts for some time and now it’s time for a rebuild. On courts seven through 10, daily leaks have occurred for some time. This rebuild will take care of that issue so those courts are available for players as needed.
“I’m excited about that because tennis has been overlooked for so long,” she said. Nalley sees tennis as another way to potentially attract new residents to Hot Springs Village. “We haven’t leveraged it and I’d like to see us capitalize more on tennis,” Nalley added, “as well as cross-promote all our sports.”
The CMP rollout will be of phase one and also is a part of preparing the 2019 budget.
“It sets the tone on where we should focus our efforts and also to get information to the community, with the expectation for property owner feedback,” said Nalley.
In June, Nalley and the Voice will look at what’s on the board’s plate for July.