HSV CEO Lesley Nalley wrote: “the current business model is broken and additional development is needed.”  Perhaps what is needed is not additional commercial development, but additional effective, targeted marketing.
HSV already has enough cafés, restaurants, groceries, golf courses, lakes, hiking trails, medical offices, retail stores and amenities. We have clubs for every interest. Building additional commercial facilities to attract younger buyers is not the answer. HSV is one of the preeminent gated retirement communities in the country. Let’s build upon that.  
Let’s put the type of money and effort that has been put into the Comprehensive Master Plan, into a Comprehensive Marketing Plan.
Let’s offer free golf with a weekend lodging package. Lets target military families who are about to retire.
Let’s use existing residents who have moved here from northern cities, to tell people who are tired of shoveling ice and snow, how happy they are with the vast range of amenities and activities. Current residents who moved from the east or west coast can explain how much bang they get for their buck in HSV. A house costing $250,000 here would probably cost well over a million in California or New York.
Targeted marketing in those areas will tell people that they can sell their homes on the east or west coast, buy a comparable or nicer home here, and still have a substantial amount of cash left over from the sale for a comfortable retirement here. Ads targeting the Gulf Coast can extol the virtues of having a primary residence or second home further inland, safe from hurricanes.
A first class marketing campaign would be far less expensive than the costs incurred by us in joint commercial ventures and infrastructure improvements needed to support new development.

Jeff Riso
Hot Springs Village