From Conway Police Department reports

Suspects bail on cab tab

A Conway Taxi employee filed a theft report early Friday morning after three women allegedly fled before paying for their ride.

According to an incident report, officers were called out just after midnight to the Stone Ridge Apartments regarding the alleged theft. A taxi cab driver told police "three black females got out of the taxi and ran off without paying for the ride."

The complainant further told police he picked up the women at the Dollar General on Oak Street and drove them to Building 2 at the Stone Ridge Apartments. Once they arrived at the apartments, two of the women immediately got out of the taxi . The taxi cab driver said he stopped the third woman before she got out of the vehicle and told her she could not leave without paying for the ride.

After telling the woman she needed to pay the $10 bill, the suspect got out of the vehicle and fled, according to the incident report.

The taxi cab driver said this was the second time an incident like this had occurred while dropping off customers at the Stone Ridge Apartments.

According to the incident report, officers spoke with the apartment manager and attempted to get information on the suspects based off the victim's description of the women. However, the apartment manager said the description of the females "did not fit anyone she knows."

Woman arrested for threatening roommate

A woman was arrested Friday after allegedly trying to break into her roommate's bedroom.

According to an incident report, a 20-year-old woman called authorities around 1 a.m. Friday, stating she had locked herself in her bedroom because her roommate was allegedly threatening her and trying to kick through her bedroom door.

Officers who responded out to the Plaza Pointe Apartments noted the suspect "was confrontational as soon as she opened the [front] door" to the apartment.

The 20-year-old suspect told police there was no reason for them to be at the apartment, according to the incident report.

"Y'all don't need to be [explicit] here," she said. "There ain't anything going on."

When officers went to speak with the complainant in the back bedroom of the apartment, they noticed the bedroom door "had a crack along the bottom [of it] and a hole above the handle where [the suspect] had been attempting to break through the door."

The victim told police she and her friend were in the living room talking with her roommate when her roommate became angry. She said she didn't know why her roommate was mad, but that"the incident quickly escalated and [she] feared for her safety."

While speaking with the victim to see if she planned to stay at the apartment or find another place to stay for the night, her roommate announced she would leave. As she gathered toiletries from the bathroom, the suspect was overheard talking to her mother stating "she was probably going to jail because of [her roommate] and was yelling and cursing during the conversation."

As she left the bathroom and walked past her roommate, the suspect leaned over toward the victim and said, "Bitch, I'm going to punch you in your mouth." Following this threat, the officers on scene charged the suspect with second-degree terroristic threatening and arrested her. While taking the suspect to the county jail, the responding officers noted the suspect began acting unruly as she cursed authorities, accused officers of being racist and banged her head against the Plexiglas in the officer's patrol unit.