Several restaurants and other food facilities throughout Clark County were inspected for health violations. What was discovered is as follows.

• Waffle House, located at 123 Valley St.
An open beverage container on the food prep surface was discarded. An unlabeled spray bottle in the establishment’s storage room was labeled.
• Mom’s Kitchen, located at 4000 Valley St.
Shell eggs were moved to a bottom shelf.
• Little Caesar’s, located 2708 Pine St. Ste. B
An employee hand washing sign was required at a sink, which was corrected. A spray bottle in the ware washing area was labeled.
• Happyland Child Care Center, located at 2012 Pine St.
Shell eggs were moved to the bottom of a refrigerator.
• Goza Middle School, located at 1305 Caddo St.
The school was advised to have a sink’s temperature adjusted to where it will each a minimum of 100 degrees.
• Dollar General, located at 1301 N. 10th St.
Chemicals were found to be kept above food items. This was corrected.
• The Nutrition Den, located at 201 S. 6th St.
No paper towels were found at a hand washing sink. This was corrected.
• Allen’s BBQ and Grill, located at 110 N. Elm St., Gurdon
The restaurant was told to stop using unapproved beverage containers in the food prep and ware washing areas. This was corrected, as was an issue involving proper concentration of detergent sanitizer.
• Gurdon Senior Activity Center, located 410 E. Main St.
A pasta salad in the cooler had to be covered with foil.
• Arkadelphia High School, located at 401 High School Road and Peake Elementary, located at 1609 Pine St.
In both schools, prepared food items in walk-in coolers were marked with discard dates.
• Golden Wok, located at 2809 Pine St.
Raw chicken and beef were relocated below ready to eat foods. A hand washing sign was placed at employee sinks. Also corrected were an open beverage container in the food prep area, chicken temperatures, a dirty can opener and a paper towel issue.
• Buck’s Country Store, located at 11748 Highway 8 West, Alpine
Open lunch meats required a discard date.
• Ouachita Hills Academy, located at 16 Madison Way, Amity
A food chopper was observed to be dirty. This was corrected.
• Slate Rock Brewing, located at 113 S. Main St., Amity
The only infraction concerned a hand washing sign and was corrected.
• Family Dollar, located at 1550 Pine St.
A bottle of cleaner was moved from above foods.
• Tiger Mart, located at 203 N. 10th St.
The temperature setting for the hot dog roller was increased. Also, the station installed a hand wash sign at a food prep sink.