The Rotary Club of Cleburne County, the Rotary Club of Heber Springs and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Greers Ferry Lake Project office joined forces on March 19th to plant 250 shortleaf pine trees.  The trees were planted on Corps of Engineers project land on the south side of the “Little Dike” on Greers Ferry Lake as part of a building back to nature program the Corps has been implementing around the lake. 

                Jeff Price of the Corps of Engineers spoke to the Cleburne County Rotary Club on January 25, 2018 about several of the projects going on around Greers Ferry Lake. One of those projects was planting trees to replace several that have died on the project land, in and around the Lake.  Jeff had 10,000 seedlings on order and the Rotary Club offered to help.

                Once the Rotary Club was notified the trees had arrived, they contacted the Rotary Club of Heber Springs to see if they were interested in helping with the project and they quickly said yes.   So, the afternoon of March 19, members from both clubs worked together as a team to plant over 250 trees. 

                Because of this effort, the Rotary Clubs of Cleburne County and Heber Springs have exceeded the goal established by Rotary International President Ian Riseley 2017-2018 that “Every Rotarian Plant a Tree by Earth Day” (April 22, 2018).   

                This project was great fun for the group that planted the young trees, helped the clubs meet their goals, and solidified the strong partnership between the two Rotary Clubs.

 Pictured back row left to right: Rotarians James Robbins, Rick Maguire, Lloyd Langston, Paul Roberts, Rex Fields, Keith Mercer, Dick Neal.  Front row Left to right: Doug Murray and Jeff Price of the USACE.