Hello brothers and sisters. Let's give God all glory, honor and praise because He is worthy and He is Almighty God and He is worthy to be praised!

There is no greater love than a man to lay down his life for his friend and Jesus loves us so much. He calls us His friend. If you don't love God, I don't know what's wrong with you. Only thing I can say is shame, shame on you! I am not ashamed to say "I love You, God. And I thank You for Your Son Jesus."

Brothers and sisters, it's because of Jesus that we are here today. It has nothing to do with how good we are, it's the grace of God through Jesus Christ is why we are here. Jesus, I'm not ashamed to let the world know I love You so much. And I recognize You as my Lord and Savior. Once again, it's because of Your grace and mercy that I am here today.

I remember facing death, face to face when I was the age of 17. I didn't even know the devil was trying to kill me through drugs and alcohol. But for years God kept His loving hands on me. He never let go of me even through my struggles with drugs and alcohol. His grace and mercy kept me.

Now at the age of 62, His hand is still on me. In 2014 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but I never followed up on it. I never went back to the doctor or sought treatment after the doctor told me I had prostate cancer. I waited three years before I went back to the doctor to have something done about it. During those three years God's grace and mercy kept me.

My fourth year of prostate cancer I had to go through six months of chemotherapy because I didn't take care of the fact when I was told I had the cancer. Brothers, get your prostate checked out. Don't wait like I did. God gives us common sense, use it! Be a man and do what a man should do. Don't let pride kill you like it almost killed me. It was the grace and mercy of God that kept me. Thank You Jesus. Because of You, I am a survivor. In Jesus' name...

My brothers and sisters, stop putting Jesus last in your life and put Him first because one day soon and very soon you are going to need Him to show up and show out in your life! Ask me how I know! Because He did it for me. He deserves to be first in our lives. After all, it was Him that took our place on the cross. He died and went to the grave just for us. And after three days in the grave, He got up with all power in His hands.

We serve a good and mighty God! If you have never trusted Him as your Lord and Savior, do it today! If you have never asked Him to come into your heart, do it today! If you have never asked Him to forgive you of your sins, ask Him now! If you have never put your trust in Him to save you, trust Him today! In Jesus' name. Amen...