From Conway Police Department reports

Fight breaks out after clerk refuses cigarettes

A gas station clerk and a 20-year-old woman reportedly began fighting after the clerk refused to sell the customer cigarettes early Friday morning.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out just after midnight to the Kum and Go on Dave Ward Drive in reference to a fight at the gas station. The responding later learned the disturbance was between a 20-year-old clerk and a customer.

The customer, who called authorities, said "she was thrown to the ground and beaten by the store clerk" in her statement to authorities. However, after speaking with the clerk, authorities learned the customer first threw a bottle at her.

The clerk said the woman did not have her ID with her and was trying to buy cigarettes, nothing the customer became irate when the clerk refused. After being refused cigarettes, the woman allegedly picked up a bottle from the counter and threw it at the clerk. The two began yelling at each other and the customer quickly left the store as the clerk followed her out to grab her license plate number.

Once the clerk had also made it outside, she said the customer "started back towards her as if she wanted to fight." At this point, the clerk said she then hit the customer, "knocking her onto the ground."

"[The clerk] stated she struck her a few more times before she was pulled of by bystanders," the incident report reads.

After listening to witness statements and speaking with both women, the officer determined "both parties mutually escalated the situation."

Landlord shuts evicted tenant's party down

A 20-year-old Sixth Street resident reported being threatened by his landlord Friday evening.

According to an incident report, Conway police were notified around 8 p.m. of an incident between the tenant and the landlord where the landlord allegedly threatened the 20-year-old man.

The complainant told the Conway officer he was evicted from his home on Wednesday and that he'd had several friends over on the night of the alleged incident.

"[The complainant] advised that he had several friends over and [his landlord] showed up and shut his party down and told everyone to leave," the incident report reads. "[The complainant] said that after his friends had left the house, [his landlord] told him that he would beat him up and that if his friends wanted some too that hew would get friends to fight them too."

The 20-year-old man was not able to give police a contact number for his landlord, but provided the officer with his landlord's name as he filed the terroristic threatening report Friday.

Storage unit break-in

A Conway man filed an incident report with authorities after an unknown suspect cut a hole into is his storage unit.

According to an incident report, the 54-year-old victim called authorities at 9 p.m. Friday after learning someone had broken into his storage unit on Prince Street and stole an antique high lift jack.

The man said there was a hole cut into his storage unit that he believes the unknown suspect used to crawl into his unit.

"[The victim] advised his storage unit was entered by an unknown person who cut through the wall of an adjoining unit into his," the incident report reads. "[He] advised whoever broke into the time unit initially made entry into empty unit 178. From 178, the offender cut a four foot by three foot hole in the wall adjoining 178 to 177."

The responding officer covered the hole as best he could at the time, according to the incident report, and attempted to reach the property owner as well as the renter of the other affected storage unity. The officer was unable to reach the owner or the other affected renter Friday night.