Several health inspections for Clark County eateries and establishments were conducted for February. The results included:

Java Primo, 614 Main St.
Employees were advised to use an ice bath in the wake of a fruit prep table not maintaining proper cold holding temperatures.
Ouachita Baptist dining, 410 Ouachita St.
It was noted the ice machines’ interiors required cleaning. This was corrected. Also, shell eggs were moved from below ready to eat foods.
67 Grill, 629 Main St.
The temperature setting was adjusted for hot holding items.
Walmart Subway, 109 W.P. Malone Dr.
Employees corrected an infraction regarding no sign at a hand washing sink and a violation regarding an open beverage container in the food prep area.
Central Arkansas Petroleum 6-Store, 104 N. 10th St.
A violation for no sign at a hand washing station was corrected.
Jordan’s Kwik Stop, 147 Valley St.
Shell eggs were moved from an improper place to another cold holding unit. The store was also instructed not to put anything in or in front of hand washing sinks that would block usage. This also was corrected.
Chicken Express, 3115 Pine St.
Items were discarded from a hot holding unit following an infraction regarding proper temperature.
Friendship of Arkadelphia, 590 Caney Rd.
Unlabeled spray bottles were detected in the food prep area. This violation, along with the improper storage of eggs was corrected.
Allen’s BBQ, 110 N. Elm St., Gurdon
The only infraction, concerning a hand washing sign, was corrected.
Allen’s BBQ, 3100 Hollywood Rd., Arkadelphia
This location also reportedly lacked a hand washing sign and thusly corrected it.
Fat Boy’s Fine Food, 130 Valley St.
A can opener was washed and sanitized.
Henderson State University, 1100 Henderson St.
A spray bottle was labeled with a common name.
Slim and Shorty’s 617, Clinton St.
A can opener was washed and sanitized.
Arby’s, 1411 Pine St.
No hand washing sign for the kitchen area was observed. This was corrected.