Clark County Clerk Rhonda Cole has been elected to serve as secretary/treasurer of the Association of Arkansas Counties’ (AAC) Board of Directors.

LITTLE ROCK — Clark County Clerk Rhonda Cole has been elected to serve as secretary/treasurer of the Association of Arkansas Counties’ (AAC) Board of Directors. The election took place at the board’s Feb. 14, 2018, meeting.
“I am appreciative of the Clark County voters that have allowed me to be their county clerk. I am honored that the Arkansas Association of County Clerks (AACC) voted for me to represent them on the AAC Board, and I am truly humbled that I am now Secretary/Treasurer of the AAC Board. I look forward to the goals this Board sets and accomplishes in 2018,” Cole said.
Cole began her career in county government March 1, 1990, in the Clark County Clerk’s office. She then served as administrative assistant to the county judge from 1995 through 1998. She ran a successful campaign for Clark County Clerk in 1998 and took office in January 1999.
Cole has held various leadership roles in the County Clerks’ Association since being elected. She served as vice president and legislative chair from 2010 to 2011, and she served as president of the association from 2012 to 2013. She is entering her fourth year as an AAC board member. Members of the County Clerks’ Association elected her to represent their association on the board in 2014.
The AAC board is comprised of 18 members representing all nine areas of county and district government: county judges, sheriffs, collectors, assessors, treasurers, county and circuit clerks, coroners, and quorum court justices of the peace. Members of Arkansas’s quorum courts are classified as district, rather than county, officials.
Cole serves or has served on several statewide boards, including four years on the State Land Advisory Board and Arkansas Legislative Audit’s Arkansas Counties’ Review of Financial Code Committee, through which she helped update the statewide county financial management system. Cole was appointed in May 2013 to serve on the State Board of Election Commissioners. She continues to serve on that board.
Cole is a native of Clark County. In addition to serving on the AAC Board of Directors, she is active in her community. She has been chair of the Clark County Relay for Life for three years, and team captain of the Clark County Relay for Life Courthouse Jester for the last 10 years. She currently helps with Project Care Food Drive in Clark County, which provides food for children in need to take home over weekend and holidays.
About the Association of Arkansas Counties
The AAC supports and promotes the idea that all elected officials must have the opportunity to act together in order to solve mutual problems as a unified group. To further this goal, the AAC is committed to providing a single source of cooperative support and information for all counties and county and district officials.
The overall purpose of the association is to work for the improvement of county government in the state of Arkansas. The association accomplishes this purpose by providing legislative representation, on-site assistance, general research, training, various publications and conferences to assist county officials in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their office.
The AAC Board of Directors is comprised of 18 members — two representatives elected by each of nine member associations.