A health fair will be offered to the public this month.

A health fair will be offered to the public this month.
Co-sponsored by Baptist Health and the Becoming a Healthy Clark County Coalition, the event, titled Resolve to Be Healthy Fair, is slated to held at the Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation center on Friday, Jan. 26.
“Becoming A Healthy Clark County Coalition and Baptist Health Medical Center are pleased to sponsor the Resolve to Be Healthy Fair,” said JoAnn Vann, BAHHC Secretary and County Extension Agent for University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension.
According to Vann, the goal of BAHCC is to provide residents with improved access to health screenings and information about health-related services.
BAHCC will partner with Baptist Health Medical Center to sponsor this gigantic health fair of forty-five plus vendors to reach this goal.”
The fair will provide services and information pertaining to blood pressure, body mass index with height and weight, flu prevention measures, health care education and nursing home facilities.
A 9:30 a.m. on-site health fitness class, prostate cancer screenings, blood sugar, cholesterol and coronary risk ratio screenings, home medical supply information on oxygen, CPAPs, BiPAPs, vents, beds, walkers, and wheelchairs.
In addition, information on stroke care in the emergency room, injury prevention, Medical Alert Systems, home-delivered meals, rural health clinics, swing bed (skilled nursing) in a hospital setting, hunger relief resources and assistance with SNAP applications, along with information on a variety of Clark County programs will be provided.
Oral cancer screening, along with a limited number of same day dental extractions, massage therapy information and demonstrations and information on mental health and services will be offered.
A limited number of free, available home medication lock boxes, as well as information on services provided by a local food pantry, Weight Watchers, hospice options and reso resources on child abuse prevention and trauma assessments will also be provided.
Dentists will be deciding who is selected for dental extractions based on the onsite screenings.
Additionally, the fair will feature a walk-through brain exhibit. Participants will be able to learn what happens to a brain during a stroke.
“It is an awesome interactive feature,” said Vann.
Transportation will be provided free of charge by SCAT from Gurdon at 6:30 a.m. and 10 a.m., with locations consisting of City Hall and Second Street Public Housing. For local runs, a scheduling must be made two days prior to the fair. Those can be done by calling SCAT at (870) 246-8747.
The fair will be open from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Questions can be directed to (870) 245-8213 or through email at jvann@uaex.edu.