Hurricane Harvey

While traveling I-30, I have observed the caravans of utility trucks and other types of services heading south to Houston to give assistance to the Hurricane Harvey victims.
When disaster hits one part of the country, other parts mobilize to give emergency assistance, provision, healing, and eventually restoration as much as possible. That’s the way a good society works.
The human body works much the same way. When injury or bacterial invasion occurs in one part, immediately a shift occurs so that the healing mechanisms of the body are mobilized to go to that location and begin their work to bring help, healing, and restoration and protection from further invasion.
That’s the way a normal healthy body works. The normal healthy body of Christ works the same way. When a person is ensnared in willful sin, this leads to deep bondage that often requires assistance from others to be set free. Faults, which are cracks in our personality make up due to whatever in our past, are an open door to allow negative factors to operate in our life. We often need compassionate help from others to help us to see this and be set free to live a liberated abundant life. An overwhelming fear is an example of a fault.
On and on we could go detailing different things, but the main point is this: God, through his Word and his Spirit, desires to work in our lives directly and through others, to bring help, healing, and wholeness in every way so we can live an abundant life in Christ.
We each must take personal ownership of our sin, hurt, fault, or deficiency. We cannot blame others for our condition, although they might have caused it. Once it is done to us, it is ours to deal with. We must face that if we have been hurt, we must deal with it and dismiss it. If we have sinned, we need to see that it was our desire, our choice, and it is our guilt for doing it and truly turn from it trusting the blood of Jesus for cleansing.
Houston is not just sitting there blaming the storm. They are receiving help and they, as a city, will be restored. Excuses, reasoning, or giving blame will not liberate us. The truth sets us free. In this way we can be helped out of the personal disaster of sin, faults, and failures and be set on the road to restoration. And, Houston is not condemned for being hit with a hurricane. It is what it is. Help is extended. As they receive the help, they are on the road to recovery. It is the same in the Body of Christ.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at