He is best known for his work in "Power Rangers Time Force," "Bring It On: In It to Win It," "The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior" and "One Tree Hill," and his fans say his singing voice can't be ignored.

Actor/producer/singer Michael Copon will serve as the special guest for the 2018 Mulberry Comic Con, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 24 at the Kirksey Park Exhibit Buildings, 100 Kirksey Pkwy. in Mulberry. The "Blue Power Ranger" will be among multiple highlights at the second annual, all-ages event, which also includes artists, merchandise dealers, cosplayers, the cosplay contest, auction items, food, workshops and more, said Keith Pigg, promotions coordinator for the event.

"We're going to have quite a bit of new things we didn't have last year," Pigg said of Mulberry Comic Con, which will raise money for the expansion of the children's area at the Mulberry Public Library. "This is a celebration that spotlights illustrators, writers and artists in the river valley area and the greater Arkansas region."

This year's guests will include Mike DeFoore (Torolf Goran), William J. Thorman (TK 30891), Juantia Orrahood (Serrena Kai), Melinda Shores ("Bark Trek"), Donald M. Agee (TD 92008), Sydney Holt (Nostromoose) and Paul W. Robinson (DZ 6296), while merchandise dealers will be Mr. Bill's Comics, Carl's Classic Comics, Dragon's Keep Gaming Room, ET Arts, Time-Out Comics and Art, Hooks' Vinyl, Vintage Comic Stuff and more.

"We're excited about having Michael Copon participate, and we're grateful that Brooklyn Shock and Dragon's Keep from Fayetteville are allowing us to bring Michael in for our event," Pigg said. "We'll have professional cosplayers, who will put on panels, and we'll have some 'Star Wars' costumers from the Kessel Base Rebel Legion, the Diamond (Garrison) brigade from the 501st and more."

The comics, action figures, statues and other collector items will provide thrills for those attending the event, he said.

"I know some of the items found here will be rare, hard-to-find treasures," Pigg said.

Mulberry Comic Con also will include card games such as "Pokemon," and attendees also can try their luck at the Nintendo duck-hunting tournament, he said.

"We raised about $1,400 last year, and we'd like to raise at least $3,000 for the library this year; all of the proceeds will go to the production of the new extension at the library," Pigg said. "The new extension is a youth center for the library and will take up the area where the parking lot is, basically, and there will be two extensions on the foyer when you first walk into the library.

"They are trying to add parking to the back side, plus they're getting ready to redo the parking along Main Street," he added. "Instead of parallel parking, it will be angled parking, and that will add some parking spots."

Robin Egerton, director for the Mulberry Public Library, said she is anticipating the Mulberry Comic Con, adding that she is glad it has become an annual event to help raise money so the library can offer various programs and services for the public.

"The expansion is ready to go; we are awaiting for final approval to finalize details, and we expect a groundbreaking day to be soon," she said. "The new kids room will be the entire size of our parking lot, and we'll also enlarge a teen room and an adult reading room."

Pigg said he is hoping to see many children and teenagers attend the Mulberry Comic Con.

"The greatest thing for me is, this is a place for kids to come and have a really good time in a comic-book atmosphere, as well as enjoy all of the other media outlets, such as movies, books and graphic novels," he said. "We will have a lot of people there who are into graphic novels, which seems to be newer in our area. Graphic novels have been around, and we're trying to get a bigger following for that here in Mulberry."

Registration for this year's Mulberry Comic Con is $10 for adults, $15 per couple, $25 for the VIP package and $75 for the Bruce Wayne Donor Bundle; children 12 and younger can attend free if accompanied by an adult. The VIP package includes admission, a small meal, tickets for drawings and a T-shirt, while the Bruce Wayne Donor Bundle will include all of the VIP items plus a 7-inch tablet, Pigg said.

Registration can be completed at www.mulberrycomiccon.wixsite.com/kapow/about and at the door, he said.

"This event is very affordable entertainment for the day," Pigg said. "An individual can come in for $10 and see Michael Copon, cosplay performances and more, and a couple can get in for $15. That's pretty cheap entertainment for the day. It's a really good time for everyone."