Veterinarian James Waymack sells business after 46 years (35 years at his Pine Street, Arkadelphia, location).

An era of providing quality care to animals has come to an end for one local veterinarian.

Dr. James Waymack has retired after 46 years as a veterinarian. Thirty-five of Waymack’s years have been spent in Arkadelphia.

Waymack made the decision when he was young to become a veterinarian.

“I was raised on a dairy farm and I wanted to do something with animals so it seemed like the thing to do,” Waymack said.

He completed his studies at Oklahoma State University.

With the exception of losing an animal, Waymack said he enjoyed his work. Waymack started his practice in Batesville. He moved to Arkadelphia in 1978 and practiced in his facility on Pine Street during his entire tenure.

He was recognized as veterinarian of the year for the state of Arkansas in 1992. In addition, Waymack served 15 years on the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board.

According to Waymack, the key to being a good veterinarian goes beyond a love for animals.

“The logical answer is to love animals but you have to work hard and have a good work ethic (and) study hard and make good grades,” Waymack said.

As of now, Waymack does not know how he will spend his retirement.

“I can sleep late and not have to worry about being on call,” said Waymack.

According to Waymack, someone was on call at his office at all times.

Waymack said he has enjoyed his time as a veterinarian in Arkadelphia.

“I’ve made a lot of friends, but I thought it was time to go. My thing is, you start on the bottom, work your way up, then you start back down, but you get off before you hit the ground,” said Waymack.

Dr. Waymack has sold his practice to Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw of Georgia.

Rob Rucker and Amy Allen will remain on staff to assist Bradshaw.