The big attraction this time of year isn’t the Gurdon Light; it’s the Gurdon Lights. 

The big attraction this time of year isn’t the Gurdon Light, it’s the Gurdon Lights. Gurdon has been on the Arkansas Holiday Trail of Lights since 2004. “We are listed in the official brochure, which is available at visitor’s centers, hotels, motels, restaurants and rest areas around the state,” says Tambra Childers, Gurdon City Recorder and Treasurer.  The brochure is also available online.
The Christmas lights are due in a large part to the generosity of Charles and Anita Cabe and the Cabe Foundations. “Anita and Charles share their joy of Christmas and Christmas lights with the community,” adds Childers.
The Gurdon Street Department does much of the work with the help of a bucket truck on loan from Pilgreen Electrical Service. They begin installing the lights immediately after the Forest Festival. “It gets easier every year,” says Jim Caldwell, street department manager. The lights are lit from Thanksgiving until the New Year. A new storage building specifically for the Christmas lights was obtained through a Cabe Foundation grant this year.
The Gurdon Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade will be Monday, Dec. 6. Deadline for entry is Dec. 2. Parade lineup is at 5:15 at City Hall and the parade begins at 6 p.m. The theme is “A Country Christmas.” Here’s a look at the Christmas lights and parade by the numbers.

2,000 the number of replacement bulbs ordered this year.
7 years on the Holiday Trail of Lights.
It costs approximately $1000 in electricity to keep the lights lit.
More than 100,000 lights are on display.
It takes 31 days to install, check and replace bulbs on all the Christmas lights.
66 cities and towns are on the Arkansas Holiday Trail.
$570 in prize money will be given in four categories for parade entries.

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