Fresh Chicken

I was a kid growing up in the country. When Momma was going to fix chicken, that meant that one of the birds in the yard was about to pass on to glory.
If you have been raised in the country, you know the bloody mess that it is to kill chickens and prepare them to eat. The humane society might have something to say about the practice that was used in times past. But after that, dipping that dead chicken in scalding hot water so we could pluck the feathers off made a stench that was sometimes more than I thought I could take. I always managed to get through it, though.
By the time that chicken came out of the frying pan with a thick savory crust and the gravy was made, all the unpleasant experiences were forgotten with the taste of Mommas hot out of the skillet fried chicken. That was some good stuff. Many years later on a mission trip to India, we had a church service on a Sunday morning in a thatched shelter. Afterwards we went home with one of the brethren who was to fix our lunch. As we visited, sitting in the yard, one of the birds in the back yard passed on to glory. Again, we had fresh chicken to eat. We also had fresh pineapple off the bush and fresh coconut that was picked by a man who climbed the tree and brought it down.
Fresh food – it is so good. It has not been pickled or inundated with preservatives or placed in cold storage and gassed to keep until we can get it. I do appreciate that all this takes place so we can have the food we eat these days, but fresh food is so much better.
Fresh spiritual food tastes better than stale cold cuts of dead religious ritual and repeated traditional platitudes. Fresh spiritual food requires more effort to get and there is a bigger mess to prepare it.
Nutritionists tell us that fresh food carries more nutrition than its stale counterpart. So our bodies are better nourished and have more energy with the fresh food. Fresh spiritual food is the same. It changes us into the image of Christ and energizes us with his power. It enables our spirit man to better fight the trials and temptations that come against him.
By personal commitment to Jesus Christ and receiving and walking in the power and liberty of the Holy Spirit we can enjoy fresh spiritual food. Any church that practices this will always have an abundance of “good food” for all.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at