Two Foot Tall Tornado

My wife’s first great granddaughter is now going on toward two years old and she is about two feet tall. Her thing at this point is not sitting around talking.
In most of her waking hours she is on her two feet walking around investigating. Everything in her path is under intense scrutiny to see what it is and how it works and with her two little hands, she likes to see if it will move to see if she can get it nearer for closer investigation.
Of course, this calls for either a complete redecoration of the interior of the house to make it similar to a padded cell, or, a constant close monitoring of her where about and activity. Without this close monitoring, the sound of a crash will be inevitable as a new discovery is being made, or, as a former one is being remembered and revisited. It is good that she understands “No.”
Your word can travel faster than your feet in order to avert a small disaster or potential injury, and sometimes that little word can buy just enough time to make the rescue. Even though her inquisitiveness generates a lot of work on the attending adult or adults, it is a joy to see her constantly learning and growing into that little person who can carry on in life as it is and fulfill the destiny that lies before her.
Jesus said that unless you are converted and become as a little child you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3). It is good to be inquisitive of spiritual things that are new to you to find out what it is and what it will do. That, coupled with an ever-increasing knowledge of the Word, helps to guide us into things that are good and useful, and ways that will bring good results. We will grow into those sons and daughters and fulfill the destiny to which we are called in the Lord.
Do we make a mess of things at times? Yes.
That is in the learning process. But as we stay close to our heavenly Father, paying attention to his loving commands, hearing his voice through his Word and through his Spirit, we do learn what is good and right and what is of God and what is not of God.
In this way we learn the ways of God and we learn to move in the power of God in order to accomplish the things of God in the earth today. God’s design is that we grow through the two foot tall tornado stage and become mature sons and daughters moving under his direction in his power. In this way we can take the earth by a supernatural storm in getting the good news of Jesus out to every person alive.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at