Gurdon mourns the loss and celebrates the life and legacy of Charles Cabe.

Gurdon mourns the loss and celebrates the life and legacy of Charles Cabe.
A huge crowd attended Mr. Cabe's Funeral at the Gurdon First United Methodist Church. He was well known and loved by many for his compassion, sense of humor and unmatched generosity. He and his wife, Anita, have positively impacted our city in countless known ways and in many unannounced philanthropic acts of kindness. Gurdon would not be the very special city that it is without the Cabes' support.
From city hall to the schools and beyond, Mr. Cabe's benevolence to the health, education and welfare of our citizens is evident to all. But beyond his unwavering support for Gurdon, Mr. Cabe was very present and accessible. He and Anita were sure to attend local meetings, events, banquets, church and he was always available to the community at the Cabe Land Offices.
Earlier this year, Mr. and Mrs. Cabe celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The love and devotion they shared for each other is inspiring. Mr. Cabe is already missed and will always be loved and remembered. Gurdon's thoughts and prayers are with his wife and son Clay and the many who loved and cared for him.
The Gurdon Forest Festival is this Saturday. Come early and stay late for the city's biggest annual event to celebrate our mainstay; timber and those whose who work in the timber industry. All the rides will be free all day for all the children. There will be entertainment, festival food, a parade, vendors, a street dance, magic show, costume contests, treasure hunts, soup luncheon, pancake breakfast, carnival games, car show, log loading contests, an auction, plenty of visiting with friends, old and new, and much more.
Then keep your Halloween costumes at the ready for the Monster Mash On Main on Tuesday, October 31. This giant-sized trunk or treat event is held downtown. A safe, fun and candy filled extravaganza of kids, churches, businesses, clubs, individuals and organizations will convene on Main Street for hours of fun.
Those handing out candy and offering up games are welcome to select their location and set up during the afternoon and the trick or treating will commence around 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome.