“From Laying to Leaping”

There are two times in Arkansas when the grass will crunch under your feet – when it is frozen, and when it is parched.
Right now there are a lot of parched places. We could use a good rain. Yesterday as I waited in my van to go through a road construction area, when they scooped up the dirt to load it in a dump truck, clouds of dust billowed across the road obstructing the view. I was reminded of the refreshing promised in scripture in Acts 3:19 which says “Repent ye therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.”
The new church in the book of Acts had just been filled with the rain of the Spirit of God. A man born lame had just been healed under Peter’s ministry who the temple goers had seen every day laying at the temple entrance.
Everybody was wondering what had happened, as that same man was now walking and leaping and praising God. Peter explained to them that God had healed the man through the operation of faith in the same Jesus they had rejected as being a Savior. Peter said he knew that they and their leaders had rejected the healing power of God because of ignorance of the scriptures, but that they should repent. They should change their minds from the way they were thinking and have their sins blotted out so they can enjoy the times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.
The reason we often live in a dry and parched spiritual land where there is no healing and no flow of the Spirit, is because we do not really believe the Word and we do not really yield to the Spirit of God. We are either religiously brainwashed by leaders with certain doctrines to not believe it, or we just don’t know.
The good news is that Jesus is alive and well and has paid the price for the forgiveness of our sin and the healing of our body, and a whole lot more. By changing our mind and embracing God’s Word and yielding to the Spirit of God, we can receive forgiveness and the healing power of God. He is not withholding himself to “teach us a lesson.”
The fullness of the Spirit of God and the operation of faith healed the man lying at the temple gate. The same faith and fullness of the Spirit will save and heal us and bring us from lying helpless in a dry, parched land, into leaping in the rain and power of the Holy Spirit. God wants us to live in the times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at jackiecalhoun@gmail.com