A vacation is a wonderful thing to just get away, relax, and do some fun and different things.
On a recent vacation I was able to enjoy the clear, azure blue waters off the coast of Mexico for some fishing and snorkeling. Since I like to explore nature I think the highlight of the whole trip for me, of all the different things we did, was the snorkeling.
Visibility in the waters of Arkansas is very limited, so you don’t usually see a whole lot. But in the clear ocean waters there is a whole new world to be seen. The brightly colored corals, the spiny shapes and other interesting things under and around ledges, and the brightly colored fish makes you feel like you are swimming around in a huge aquarium. A brightly colored eel was spotted, so I had to go down and get a closer look.
Eyeball to eyeball, we looked at each other until he turned his head toward me, then I decided I better back off. I was on his turf, and he could swim a lot faster than me, and I did not want to learn any “don’t invade my territory” lessons from him. I did learn later that some of those guys can do you some harm if you push them.
It can be hot, with lots of noisy distractions pulling for your attention all around you, but when you immerse yourself with your head down in those clear waters, all is left behind for the moment and your whole attention is focused on the beautiful, serene world laying before you. It is interesting, relaxing, and refreshing.
There is an ocean of good things in the spirit realm to be seen and experienced through the clear waters of the Word and Spirit of God. Jesus died, rose again, and is seated in heaven in dominion and authority over all things in order to give us not just life, but abundant life. On a daily basis we can “snorkel”, we can immerse ourselves in the truths of what we have in Christ, and be filled with the wonder of the beauty of all that God has provided for us in Him.
It is relaxing and refreshing to leave the cares and clamor of daily life and see the wonders of his love. And as we need help and provision in any way, the good news is that it is there for us to obtain through faith in his Word by the power of his Spirit. There is an ocean of goodness in Jesus. To live in his presence each day is to enjoy life to the fullest from now into eternity.

Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at