You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Have you been hurt by a Christian who chose to condemn you instead of showing compassion?
Or by someone who neglected you when you were down and in need of spiritual renewal. Most people who’ve been hurt by other Christians tries to justify why they have fallen away from the church. The truth of the matter is, the church is made up of imperfect human beings who sometimes act and speak without thinking.
I’ve had the opportunity to talk with certain individuals who made claims of being hurt by other Christians.
This is what they had to say:
• “I don’t care about going to church anymore because Christians doesn’t live up to what they profess.”
• “Christians are judgmental and doesn’t show love and compassion.”
• “They are mean and selfish.”
Are these legitimate claims?
Yes, unfortunately I’ve seen this type of behavior among Christians, which is very harmful to both the victim and the church. But not all Christians behave in this manner. However, I also see their claims as mere excuses which can stagnate their spiritual growth.
As you should know, getting hurt is inevitable. It’s impossible to go through life without being offended, criticized or hurt in some way.
Moreover, Jesus warned us in Luke 17:1. “It is impossible that no offences should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!”
My friend, when you are hurt by the actions of other Christians, you have an ally in God. Establishing a good relationship with Him makes you stronger, so when offenses come, you will not fall away. Remember, you are important to the church, but more importantly to God. So the next time you are offended, make it a victory and not an excuse.
Let’s look at what Paul writes in Hebrews 10:25: “And let us not neglect our assembling together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

Carolyn Crow is a contributing writer and can be reached at