Independence For All

It is believed that Miguel Hidalgo made his “cry for independence” speech September 15, 1810 in the town of Dolores, Mexico in their revolt from Spanish rule.
Hidalgo’s army fought against the Spanish soldiers in the fight for independence, but he was captured and executed on July 30, 1811. Mexico's independence was not declared until September 28, 1821, eleven years later.
Forty five years earlier the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire. It is said the vote was actually taken by the Congress on July 2, 1776, but July 4 was adopted as the official date of independence. In both countries there are yearly celebrations to commemorate this wonderful liberty.
Freedom does not come easy. Both countries had to shed blood to gain their independence as has been the case with countries around the globe throughout history. The good news of Jesus has set a new precedent, a new order, exclusive to its recipients. The people of both Mexico and America themselves had to amass an army from their own and shed their own blood to gain the coveted independence.
In the spiritual realm we were in the bondage and tyranny of sin, without any way to escape the ruler over us. A loving, compassionate, merciful Father sent his own Son from another country, and he came with all the spiritual forces of heaven backing him, and he conquered the rulers who held us in their control.
Jesus conquered sickness, disease, fleshly corruption, and the father of lies, the devil. Because Jesus shed his blood for us, we no longer need to be held captive by these tyrannical rulers. Jesus has made the way for our independence.
When we see, receive, believe, declare, and take action on what his word says about us and what is for us, we declare and activate our independence. We then have our own “country” under a new ruler, the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we are in submission to Father God and the Holy Spirit. Through the working of God in our lives, we can now enjoy our freedom and celebrate not just once a year, but every day of our lives. Thank God for Jesus for our independence every day.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at