Everyone be sure to drive carefully as our students go back to school.

Everyone be sure to drive carefully as our students go back to school.
This week we are gearing up for a state funded paving project. We applied several years ago in 2014 to receive $250,000 worth of resurfacing. The identification of street sections to be improved has been a lengthy process beginning in 2015. Nearly every street in Gurdon could use some attention, however $250,000 does not go far.
So rather than paving whole streets we are paving a block or two here and a few blocks there. I expect to receive a lot of phone calls over the next few weeks as residents question why one area was chosen over another. There is no perfect solution here since the total area paved will only be about one mile.
Population served, traffic density, proximity to major gateways and amount of damage were among the determining factors. Many important areas were left out due to the limitations. We will apply again for more resurfacing. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department personnel have been great to work with.
Street and Water Department heads; Gary Smith and James Cox and their men have been working on ditches, culverts, manholes and more on the affected roadways.
We are nearing the construction phase on the FUN Park and we are hearing very good things about our Gurdon Business Development Center Grant. I am getting excited to begin implementing these improvements. Building on both of these projects could begin in September.