We Can Trust the Word

I recently heard how a certain man held his pre-teen neighbor kids responsible to pick up their toys out of his yard and carry them back into their yard so he could mow.
He had spent time with them before, showing interest in their activities and interacting with them and listening to their concerns. He had spent enough time with them that they also knew he did not give empty threats. They knew when he said something, he meant it. They knew they could trust his word.
When they said he could just mow over them, that they did not want the toys, he stopped the mower, got off, and came over and told them that they were going to remove the toys now. They promptly removed the toys. Since he had established with them that he was good for his word, he commanded their respect without shouting, threatening, and getting all bent out of shape. Just his word was sufficient. Their neighborly relationship is maintained with mutual respect and understanding. The kids are well-behaved in the presence of the certain man. They like to call him Uncle.
I thank God for doctors. They have helped me immensely. I appreciate their knowledge, care, and ability, and we all draw on what they have to say.
In our society it is often heard, “The doctor said…” concerning whatever medical issue is at hand. The knowledge, ideas, opinions, and facts conveyed to us by the doctors are usually highly respected. That’s good. Many lives have been saved or helped by the medical profession by what the doctor said.
God saw to it that his word was given to us in written form. Either God’s word is true and he is good for his word or his written word is a collection of lies and he is a liar. He can either be trusted to mean what he says or he is just full of empty threats and shouts of anger.
If he is good and true and can be trusted, then we can hear his word and take it to the bank with any issue we are facing. If we just trust God like the neighbor kids trust their “Uncle”, if we just respect his word like we respect “What the doctor said”, then we are in good position to go forward with God in a good, better, and great way. Jesus Christ is the way. We can put our full trust in him and in what he has done for us as recorded in the Word of God.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at jackiecalhoun@gmail.com.