The Hungry Shall Be Filled

As a part of a church planting team of 22 people who flew to Russia, I was in on hitting the streets with flyers, Bibles, and prayers to let people know that Jesus was the way of salvation and there was a meeting at the town hall that night for all to learn more about it.
As we would go about the village, we would share the good news and pray for people as we encountered them. That night the town hall would be full to hear the singing, testimonies, and the word of God preached. Many were converted. The next day we would load them on buses and take them to a lake or pond and baptize them and ordain a trained pastor provided by a ministry already set up in Russia to be over the flock.
In two weeks we did this three times, starting three churches in three different villages. The last account I heard was that the churches were doing well. This was not a real difficult task because the people were hungry and thirsty for the peace and joy that we demonstrated and talked about.
Jesus said those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Hunger for the peace and presence of God and to hear the testimonies of what God is doing in people’s lives is a good thing.
So often the things of God are very “ho hum” and ritualistic with so many people. But on that church planting mission trip, there was nothing “ho hum”, ritualistic, or boring. It was never a dull moment. And today, right here in America, when you start putting the Word out on the street, there is never a dull moment.
In our outreach and meetings in Russia, we never knew what was going to take place. I love the church meetings right here in America where the Spirit of God is allowed to move so that people are free to worship, testify, use their gifts, and be liberated to do those things that God has ordained them to do.
When God is released to work among the people, lives are changed, miracles take place, and the name of Jesus is magnified. We have been enjoying a degree of this in our church in Benton. When we hunger and thirst for the presence of God to manifest and have his way in each of our lives, he will surely fill us to overflowing beyond all we can comprehend.
A good prayer for us all to pray is “Lord, give me an increased hunger and thirst for your presence in my life and in my church.” He will gladly fill.
Jackie Calhoun is a contributing writer and can be reached at