Recent estimates by the United States Census Bureau revealed the city of Arkadelphia has experienced an increase in its population since the 2010 census.

Recent estimates by the United States Census Bureau revealed the city of Arkadelphia has experienced an increase in its population since the 2010 census.
The bureau recently released its population estimates for cities and counties through July 1, 2016.
it is estimated that the city of Arkadelphia has experienced an increase in population from 10,714 in 2010 to 10,793 in 2016 for an additional 79 citizens.
According to the data from 2010, 65.5 percent of Arkadelphia’s residents are white, while African-Americans accounted for 30.3 percent of the city’s population. Hispanics make up 3.2 percent of the city.
The 2010 data also showed 16.3 percent of Arkadelphia’s residents were 18 and under, while 12.5 percent of the citizens comprised of individuals 65 and under.
Estimated 2016 populations for certain cities near Arkadelphia:
City         2016 Estimate           2010 Census          Change
Benton      35,775                      30,683                    +5,092
Bryant       20,005                      16,691                    +3,314
Camden     11,219                      12,183                       -964
Hope           9,892                      10,095                        -203
Hot Springs 36,867                     35,193                    +1,674
Magnolia    11,601                      11,577                         +24
Malvern      10,941                     10,320                        +621
Texarkana   30,283                     29,911                        +372
While the overall population for the city of Arkadelphia has increased, the census revealed that Clark County has lost population since the 2010 census.
The Census Bureau estimates that as of the aforementioned date, the population of Clark County was 22,657. This is a decline of 338 residents since the last official census in 2010, which counted 22,995 residents in the county.
Estimates for other cities and towns in Clark County:
City/Town                2016 Estimate     2010 Census      Change
Amity                            701                        723                   -22
Caddo Valley                 604                         635                   -31
Gum Springs                116                          120                    -4
Gurdon                     2,137                       2,212                   -75
Okolona                       143                         147                     -4
Wheelen Springs            89                           92                      -3
Census estimates for selected counties located near Clark County:
County                2016 Estimate          2010 Census     Change
Dallas                        7,469                      8,116                 -647
Garland                   97,477                     96,024            +1,453
Hempstead              21,974                     22,609                -635
Hot Spring                33,374                    32,923               +451
Montgomery               8,879                      9,487                -608
Nevada                      8,398                      8,997                -599
Ouachita                  24,098                     26,120             -2,022
Pike                         10,832                     11,291               -459
Saline                    118,703                   107,118           +11,585
It was also believed that Arkansas’ total population has increased by 72,330 people since the 2010 Census. The state’s population in 2010 was 2,915,918. The population has increased to an estimated 2,988,248.
Although there is no way to determine a specific reason why south Arkansas counties are losing population, Dr. Lewis Shepherd, past president of the Economic Development Corporation of Clark County, believes the decline is attributed to the lack of jobs in the southern region of the state.
"People are migrating to central, northeast, and northwest Arkansas because of jobs," said Shepherd who added that those areas of the state are experiencing population growth.
With the acquisition and pending construction of the new Sun Bio mill in Gum Springs,
Shepherd believes that the population and fate of Clark County will shift once the operation of the Sun Bio mill begins. Construction of the mill is expected to begin in March 2018 and will take approximately two years to complete.
The bio-products mill is a $1.3 billion investment and will create up to 250 jobs over a four-year period. In addition to the direct jobs, multiple indirect jobs will be created thanks to the mill.
A new rail spur is also being built on the Union Pacific Railroad line that will connect to the Clark County Industrial Park. This will have a public transload facility where the companies in the industrial park can ship and receive products from the rail line.
In addition, Georgia-Pacific recently completed an expansion at its plant in Gurdon. The expansion will allow the mill to increase production by about 60 percent.
New restaurants have also opened in Arkadelphia. Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts opened on Pine Street, while a groundbreaking ceremony was recently held in Caddo Valley for the new Flying Burger restaurant. Construction of The Flying Burger is expected to take approximately six months.
The Cue, which serves a variety of bar foods, sandwiches, pizzas and other items, as well as the opening of 67 Grill shows signs of life for the local economy.