We are continuing to work on our infrastructure.

We are continuing to work on our infrastructure. The Gurdon Water Department along with Texas Aqua Store and Ron Penny Construction have already completed two major projects at a cost of nearly $90,000 for repairs and maintenance to the water tank on Red Springs Road and the replacement of a manhole and 100 feet of sewer main in town.
Gurdon, like nearly every other city in Arkansas, has aging water and sewer lines. This week we have enlisted Arkansas Rural Water Association's Jeff Ford to help us take a closer look at our sewer lines with Rural Water's camera truck and vacuum truck and the technicians who operate them. Also partnering with Gurdon is Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's Red Smith. We are working hard to provide the best service to our customers, the citizens of Gurdon.
The summer heat continues as we go through the dog days of summer. It's important to keep watch of your own well being and of those around you. That includes the elderly and pets. Come to city hall if you want or need a place to cool off.
In a few weeks on Monday, August 21, Arkansas will experience a partial solar eclipse. In Gurdon, it will begin at 11:47 a.m. and continue until 2:46 p.m. with maximum eclipse at 1:18 p.m. The only safe way to directly view this event is with certified eclipse glasses that meet the international standard of IS0 12312-2 and to follow all the directions. I trust that as we near the date the media will make these and other safety measures well known to the public.
Gurdon Public Schools go back in session on Monday, August 14. So that will definitely help with safety.
Many stringent requirements accompany the FUN Parks grant and we will adhere to all of them. We hope to be able to advertise for bids this week.