The Roller Coaster Ride

Looking from a distance, it looks like a fun ride. People are laughing, screaming and throwing their hands in the air.
Out of excitement you decide to join in on all the fun, so you jump onto the roller coaster, and at take-off the coaster began moving slowly. Then unexpectedly you are lifted high in the air only to dive back down at a high rate of speed. ---- The short dips and the 180 degree turn causes your stomach to churn, but you embrace yourself for the next move.
Just when you thought the ride was over, the coaster suddenly takes off again and starts doing upside loops. ----- Again it accelerates, then it slows down again, and the next turn take you through a dark tunnel.
Sometimes our lives can be parallel to a roller coaster. In 1 Kings Chapter 18 and 19, the Prophet Elijah shows an example of what it is like to be on a spiritual roller coaster.
He, however, demonstrates great courage in the King’s palace. He witnessed God’s supply by the brook while being part of a great miracle that took place in the widow’s home. He also witnessed the fire from heaven and the coming of the rain, but when his ride starting going downhill, Elijah fled to a juniper tree. And from there he prayed, “Lord, I’ve had enough! Take my life.” (1 King 19:4)
The mighty prophet of God is discouraged and depressed, but God extends his mercy to him by sending an angel. Then the Lord said, “Get up!” “I am not done with you yet.”
My dear friend, you don’t have to tell me, I know that your ride has been rough lately. You may have hit the bottom of the drop. You may be going through the loop that turned your world upside down. But do not panic, and do not be afraid, for this ride shall soon be over. It cannot be compared to the things that God has in store for you.
Please consider, there are some things in life that are just part of the ride. So no matter how bumpy and uncomfortable it gets, keep holding on. And when the ride is over you will find that God was with you all along.
Carolyn Crow is a contributing writer and can be reached at