With Mother’s Day this Sunday, it would only be appropriate for me to share a few reflections of my mother, Vickie Brown.

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, it would only be appropriate for me to share a few reflections of my mother, Vickie Brown.
There are multiple things that I can say about my mama. She has always carried herself in a manner worth commending.
First of all, my mother is a woman of faith.
As a child, my mama made sure I was in church every Sunday. There was a time when our church would have Sunday School every Sunday, but worship on first and third Sundays. It didn’t matter what we were having that Sunday, my mom made sure I was there to be part of it.
My mother’s faith in God helped her endure her bout with breast cancer from late 2005 to early 2006.
She bravely faced and endured multiple weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a result, she is here 11 years later cancer-free.
My mom is a very soft-spoken.
Honestly, I don’t recall many times when she raised her voice at me. She was not the parent who would handle the disciple. She was the parent who would let your dad disciple you, then she would have to come save you.
I recall a Sunday morning when I didn’t want to go to church. Instead of raising her voice at me or popping me in the mouth, my mother very lovingly explained to me that I was indeed going to church that morning and explained the reason why I was going to church.
Her humility is worth commending. She does not have to hear her name called, see her name in lights, or be referred to by her title in order to respond to you.
She serves and gives behind the scenes, without expecting anything in return.
My mother has always been an encourager.
Growing up as a child, no matter how silly or far-fetched my dreams were, mama was always there to encourage me to go after the desires of my heart.
Not only have me and my sister been recipients of her encouragement, but I recall a time when she had a co-worker who was contemplating going back to college at the of 30.
While there were others who were saying that she shouldn’t do it, my mama was one of few people to actually encourage this lady to pursue her dreams of going to college.
Thanks to my mom’s encouragement, not only has this lady earned two associate degrees, but she is also in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree.
My mom has been one of my biggest supporters.
From the extracurricular activities I was involved in during elementary and high school, to my decision on a college to attend (Go Big Blue), to my career choice, to my ministry, and other things I have set my hand too; my mother has given me her support.
My mother followed me to every church I preached at during my first year of preaching. To this day, she is guaranteed to be in Camden at least one Sunday a month to support me.
One of the things my wife Erica commends my mother her is her cooking. Trust me when I tell you, my mom is an excellent cook and she will tailor her menu just to make sure there is something on the table for everyone to enjoy.
I never will forget the first time I brought Erica to the house for Christmas dinner. Mom had made a traditional Christmas meal which consisted of dressing, greens, yams, potato salad, turkey, ham, homemade rolls, cakes and pies, and other delicacies that will have you stretched out on the couch after consumption.
My mother was very apologetic to my wife when she found out that Erica does not eat dressing.
Since then, mom has made an effort to either not cook dressing when she knows Erica is coming to dinner, or she will prepare a pan of cornbread just for Erica. (And they called me the spoiled one).
Most of all, commend my mom for being a woman who does her best to treat people with dignity and respect.
I really appreciate my mama for accepting not only my wife, but also our daughter.
I have lots of respect for all of the mothers who go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their children are taken care of.
I salute all of the mothers for the many hats they wear and for being involved in their children's life.

Happy Mother’s Day mom and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, biological or not.