There is a new center open for locals looking to improve the health of both their bodies and minds.

There is a new center open for locals looking to improve the health of both their bodies and minds.
“We’re not actually running it as a business; but as a non-profit,” said Julie Rhodey, who is in charge of The Bhatki Yoga Meditation Center.
Since opening in mid-February of this year, a main practice of the establishment has been meditation. Rhodey disclosed that the Hare Krishna mantra is the one mainly used.
“It has a calming effect and also helps people become more detached from this material world and everything going on in their minds.”
As the center’s name suggests, physical movement also plays into the center’s goals.
‘We’re trying to help the people of Arkadelphia and the surrounding area physically with different types of yoga. We’re also helping each other spiritually so they can have a more peaceful life. It’s all-encompassing.”
The center is open every morning from 7-8 a.m., when meditation is practiced with the mantra. Kirtan is available also on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m. On Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30, Patanjali is practiced courtesy of a yoga teacher from India. On the first and third Sunday of every month, Hatha yoga is taught.
For Pantajali and Hatha sessions, the cost is $5. The Reiki costs $20.
Arladelphia doctor John Bomar has endorsed the practice.
“From what I have observed, Hatha yoga provides a safe and effective form of exercise to quiet the mind, enrich the spirit and attune and heal the body, for a long and healthier life,” said Bomar, who also expanded on lymphatic flow.
“The lymphatic system, essentially the body’s internal ocean, is home to much of the body’s immune system which fights infections and cancerous change. It’s movement is essential for removing metabolic poisons that are produced from cellular activity. Auto-intoxication or self-poisoning develops without sufficient movement of lymph fluid.
Rhodey herself has studied Bhatki since 1984, beginning in London. She came to the United States 10 years ago.
“It basically helps the energy flowing around the body and helps the body heal itself.”
Also on Sundays, the center promotes a healthy diet by serving vegetarian food from 4-6 p.m.
“It’s not just being non-violent to other people, but non-violent to animals,” said Rhodey.
Bomar also advised that the aging process is positively affected from yoga.
“It has been observed that yoga practitioners age more slowly and gracefully than those who do no slow stretch form of exercising. They also tend to be healthier.”
The center is located at Caddo Valley’s 175 Valley St., near the Cracker Barrel.