"Christ in you, the hope of glory" — Colossians 1:27

Just say “Jesus,” and he is there! He is present in the now of your actuality to protect you, inform you and give you the power of righteous choice of what to do or say, whether to go or stay and the blessing of strength to obey.

As we grow from infant to child, from child to teen and from teen to adult, in our physical form, who we become physically is who we have chosen to be. It is the same with our spirit that informs our soul. If we choose to honor knowledge of good nutrition, proper rest and exercise, our choices will produce health and strength in our body. Even so, if we choose to pursue knowledge of right ways to think and speak, and right ways to act and be, in our actual life, our choices will produce a calm and secure spirit to inform our soul of the joy of life and the contentment and strength of soul and body to enjoy it.

Enter into the joy that produces peace and strength to live your life fully and well.

The next time you are fearful, intimidated or confused … just say “Jesus.” As soon as you do, he will bring the calmness you need to overcome your own confusion and choose the right thing to do or say. Try it. You will like the result.

Kay Dishner is a freelance writer from Texas. Contact her at kaydishner@yahoo.com or http://kay2017.wixsite.com/hiswayjourney.