Special meeting also addresses special election

After a lengthy discussion, the Clark County Quorum Court voted 8-2 Friday to adopt the 2014 budget for the county. Justices Brown Hardman and Richard Bright voted "no" while Albert Neal voted in support of the budget with the stipulation that the county attorney look into the legality of it. "In looking through this budget in the past week it is a little different salary-wise what we have been seeing in the past," said Bright. Referring to an Arkansas code that establishing amounts that Quorum Courts can pay elected officials, Bright said everything looked good with the exception of the coroner's request. "According to the statute, a Class III coroner can't make any more than $18,566," said Bright who noted that the request was for $19,000. Clark County Judge Ron Daniell said the Quorum Court has visited that issue in the past. There was no resolution to the question. One justice asked if the budget could be passed as long as it complies with all set rules. After talking to Turner, Judge Daniell said the budget could be approved as presented and altered after the first of the year, if necessary. According to some justices, the 2014 proposed budget has been one of the best presented budgets in recent years. "As far as I know this is really the first healthy general fund carryover that we've had since I've been on the Quorum Court," said Justice Sherry Kelley. Other items addressed Friday: • Justices had the third reading an ordinance to pertaining to the one-half cent sales tax. The change calls for the tax to be extended from Sept. 30, 2014, to Sept. 30, 2021, pending voter approval. The tax is to be placed on the ballot for election March 11.