Cabe Middle School is taking progressive steps to equip Gurdon students for educational and career success. The Gurdon School Board recently approved a technology proposal presented by seventh and eighth grade team teachers; Tammy Shumate, Lori Capps, Susan Jackson, Deanne Davis, Anita Malcom and Valerie Free.
The approved proposal will provide the seventh and eighth grade students will 135 Mac Laptop computers and Apple I Pads. Enough computers to equip the classrooms with one on one technology for each seventh and eighth grade student beginning this fall.
Team spokesperson Shumate said, "We will utilize techonology to enhance engagement, to eliminate downtime and also to expose students to web based software and improve their research skills. This will help our students compete in the 21st Century."
Shumate cited research which shows that one on one technology increases student achievement.
All the schools in Arkansas are getting closer to deadline of the mandated Common Core curriculum, which will require students to test on computers. When that happens, said Shumate, the CMS students' exposure to computers will benefit their scores and the students will achieve greater success.
"They love to work on them," said Shumate, "They are plugged outside of the classroom and unplugged at school." She added that students feel that lack of technology in the classroom.
"We are excited, excited for the students."
Each child will be assigned a computer however, that computer will stay at the school. The proposal includes a four year warranty and lease for repair or replacement of the computers.
All of the teachers will include technology into the lessons and assignments, including math, history and language arts.
"These computers will be a tool for instruction, they will not replace teachers," said Shumate, "The lessons will be teacher led not student led. We will use the computers as an enhancement tool to keep the students engaged."
School Superintendent Alan Blackwell said, "Common Core requires the integration of technology into the classroom. Coming down in 2014 and 2015, Parrc Assessments will replace Benchmark Testing. These computers will allow students to use technology on a daily basis and get them prepared for online testing. This begins a process and we will try to continue achieving advancements in technology for our students."