A traveling museum exhibit is on display at the Cabe Public Library.

In 1907 the town of Graysonia was incorporated and the Graysonia Post Office was opened and in 1950 the town was deserted and the post office closed. Such was the short life of the small town that was located on the Antoine River and at one time had 1000 residents, 200 homes and 3 hotels and boarding houses. A traveling exhibit on the history of Graysonia is currently on display at the Cabe Public Library on Walnut Street in Gurdon. Through artifacts, text and photographs you can travel back in time to when cinnabar or quicksilver was discovered and learn about the Ozan Graysonia Lumber Mill that closed in 1931, that same year. "I love this display," said librarian Amber Buck of the easels, photos and antiques that are on located throughout the building. Several visitors have noticed family resemblances in the large black and white photos. "One couple came in who went to school in Graysonia and they recognized relatives," said librarian Tracey Hooks. The Clark County Historical Association is hosting the display entitled 'Graysonia-Lost City of Dreams'. The exhibit will be at the library through August 15. The photo collection depicts the bustling town from 1912 to 1933 and also pictures that capture the ghost town in Southwestern Clark County today. Gurdon resident, Martha Bearden toured the display and said, "I think it's wonderful. I have never been to Graysonia and I'm glad they are taking it around to other communities."

Also at the Cabe Library with the exhibits are books for sale. One is of Graysonia history and information, the other is full of data on local cemeteries. The books are $20 each. The traveling program is made possible in part by a grant from the Department of Arkansas Heritage and the 1/8 conservation tax, Amendment 75.