A woman who found two dogs said the dogs were malnourished but the owner claimed they had simply dug their way out of his yard and become lost.

Monday, Dec. 12, at 6 p.m., officers intervened in a question of ownship of two dogs.

A South 24th Street woman reported finding two dogs near the junction of 13th and Richardson streets. Describing them as malnourished, she took them home with her after a trip to a veterinarian for an examination. She left a lost-dog flier at the vet’s clinic, and the dogs’ owner later saw it. He reportedly called her to get the dogs back. The woman refused to return the dogs to the owner, so he went to the Police Department to file a report and note that the dogs simply dug their way out of his fenced yard. Officers talked to the vet and the city’s animal control officer, and they said the dogs were healthy and that the owner had good living arrangements for the dogs, respectively. Police then called the woman and instructed her to return the dogs, and she complied.