The real reason Santa wears red is finally revealed.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and on UA’s campus
No one was practicing, not even Seth Armbrust;
The helmets were hung in the lockers with care,
In hopes that Bobby P. would not yell in there;
The Hog fans were curled up, all snug in their beds,
While visions of a big win danced in their heads;
And mamma in the bedroom, and I in my chair,
Had just finished fighting on who would sleep where,
When suddenly Twitter started making a racket,
I rushed to my laptop and started to track it,
I logged in to see what was trending this night,
But Kobe and D. Rose were starting a fight.
Seems Kobe thought Chicago did not have a shot
Of beating the Lakers, but I really cared not.
I thought to myself, “Can I start a new trend?”
When a K-State fan posted “#WildcatsWillWin.”
Before I could come up with any reply
The Hog Nation responded “#WildcatsWillDie.”
The longer I dallied, the faster posts came,
And all of them trended, and some even called names:
“Hey, Adams! Hey, Wingo! Get Wilson and D.J.,
Break Klein, and Hubert! Start running drills today!
Run faster; run harder! Make sure you’re in shape!
It’s time to get ready. Forget about breaks.”
The insults they flew, and without any delay,
For I knew I would get sleep the very next day,
I joined in the bashing of the Wildcat team
Knowing for sure what the insults would bring.
And then, without warning, I heard on the roof,
The tip-tap-top of 32 tiny hooves.
As I turned from the screen, the jolly elf appeared,
And as he walked up, his bright smile disappeared.
“How dare those K-State fans, say that about Knile,
They know they can’t win. They must be in denial,”
For I learned that St. Nick was a Hog fan, too,
As he was decked proudly from his hat to his shoes
In nothing but Hog gear that showed his great pride
In the great state’s team that never would slide.
He whipped out his smartphone, and he typed away,
And I saw what he tweeted almost right away.
“Hogs will win Cotton Bowl!” the message began,
As I stared with amazement at the short man.
“K-State is done, their season is a bust.
They are too slow and cannot shake off the rust.”
If that were not enough, I can’t tell a lie,
The man finished his post with “#WildcatsWillDie.”
As I turned to agree with the jolly elf’s post,
I saw that he had disappeared like a ghost.
Instead I saw Hog gear from ceiling to floor
That I knew had not been there a moment before.
I rushed to the window and looked out in time
To see St. Nicholas as the church bells did chime.
I started to thank him, but he cut me short,
“The Hogs will beat K-State. Football is their sport.”
And I heard one more thing as they burst into flight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and let’s watch those Hogs fight!”

James Leigh is a sports writer for the Daily Siftings Herald and can be reached at