Voters in Clark County’s ninth district will have two justices of the peace from which to choose at the polls for the Democratic Primary.

Voters in Clark County’s ninth district will have two justices of the peace from which to choose next month at the polls for the Democratic Primary. Incumbent Vickie Smithpeters of Gurdon is being challenged by Diane Leeper of Okolona. Leeper was reached by phone but declined immediate comment and did not return phone calls for an interview at presstime.

Vickie Smithpeters
Getting jobs in Clark County is incumbent Vickie Smithpeters’ main agenda for Clark County, to “get the unemployment rate down, get more jobs in here and hold what we’ve got.”
Smithpeters said she is “working closely” with the Economic Development Corp. of Clark County, and serves on the private reuse committee formed from representatives on the Quorum Court and from Arkadelphia and Caddo Valley.” The committee, Smithpeters said, was set up to help out companies in a financial bind.
Smithpeters said she also works closely with Gurdon Mayor Clayton Franklin to attain industry and help the unemployment rate in their town.
“I would like to see Gurdon get an industrial park,” Smithpeters said, “and to get more tourism to bring more revenue to the Gurdon area.” One idea she said would like to capitalize on for the area’s tourism industry is an untouched forest area in Beirne owned by the Ross Foundation. “I would like to see more places like that,” she said.
She is also working with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to maintain Gurdon Lake to “really modernize it.”
As for the county’s financial issues, Smithpeters said she seeks to “be on target with the budget, making sure we’ve got all our P’s and Q’s in order — especially this time of year when storms can come and wipe us out.”
Asked what leadership experience she has, Smithpeters said she is the president of the Clark County Cattlemen’s Association, president of the Clark County Extension Council, and helps with the 4-H Firecrackers in the Trinity Community. She also attended the 2009 Presidential Inauguration as a chaperone for Gurdon High School students.
Smithpeters, a custodian for the Gurdon School District, said, “I just want to see Clark County growing and bringing in more revenue.”